Cagayan de Oro City has always been a competitive city. With the city’s fast growing economy more talents are sought for by companies and businesses. Atty. Ed Cabanlas envisions Cagayan de Oro to be a city with a talented, innovative, and competitive labor force. He believes quality education is one of the keys to sustainable economic stability.


One of the priority programs of Atty. Ed Cabanlas is equal access to health care for the people of Cagayan de Oro. He hopes to match the city’s considerable economic growth with quality service in hospitals and health centers. From the series of public consultations on the issue, Atty. Ed Cabanlas has developed the following plan:


Urban development must be coupled with sustainable urban planning. The leadership of Mayor Moreno and Atty. Cabanlas has continuously excelled in the crusade of delivering land titles to the urban poor. It is the vision of Atty. Cabanlas that all Filipinos have their own lands. This is the plan of actions of Atty. Ed Cabanlas:


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